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Today’s complex workplaces requires finely balancing people, workspace, technologies, and cultures. The ever-present drive to optimise productivity and control cost demands a precise understanding of how work, works.

It’s now time to enter the new world of Quora’s Work Excellence Platform®. This cloud-based capability delivers work change scenarios in real time. For the first time, business leaders can model and simulate transforming workplaces before deploying expensive resources.

Quora’s Work Excellence Platform® eliminates uncertainties around operational agility, juggling lease breaks, deploying technologies, changing HR practices, reprioritising resources, et al. It ties KPI owners to business outcomes and displays the impact of decisions in the context of the overall work setting. For the first time, organisations can confidently predict workplace behaviour, events, demands, and fluently see NPV gains, cost control impacts, business outcomes, and change timelines across the entire enterprise.

In a world where rapid change and uncertainty is the new norm, can you afford to be making the vast multi-million investment workplace decisions without the surety of precision analytic confidence?

Our Work Excellence Platform®

Delivering work change scenarios in real time.







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Applying Machine Learning to the workplace

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We have introduced a major upgrade to our Workplace Excellence Platform® in the shape of machine learning and the considerable benefits brought around by this advance.

Alongside the challenges of where to effectively locate business operations and how to create today's workplace for tomorrow's talent is the accelerating technology landscape, the problems posed by a shifting talent market, and the need to wrest far greater levels of productive output from the workforce.

It is clearly an imperative for business leaders to understand this vast spectrum of parameters to continuously refine the performance of their operations. This is evidently becoming a 'big data' challenge and one that can be supported by precision analytics alongside the application of machine learning.

This is not machine learning taking over from human decision making but providing a significant supplement to workplace decision making. Download this fascinating briefing paper and we guarantee that you will be amazed at what machine learning can do for your organisation.

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