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25th March 2020 Smartworking Summit

At Smartworking Summits, 350-450 delegates will only hear from hugely accomplished C-suite executives with genuine ‘coal-face’ understanding of changing work practices, thankfully devoid of any PowerPoint.

Just ask yourself, when was the last time you spent a day in the company of exalted FTSE100 chief executives with the direct knowledge of shifting work practices?

What is the value of being able to tap into this level of experience?

Whether you agree or disagree, it’s categorically an invaluable wisdom.

Day’s topics

Throughout the morning, potent themes debate include productivity costs, work scheduling, physiological, and psychological strain, behavioural strain, workplace design, ambiguity, inter-role conflict, lighting, noise, temperature, work pace, nutrition, ergonomics, and much much more.

After a networking lunch with your peers, the afternoon kicks off with a series of intimate round table sessions to debate the business-critical topics from the morning.

During these collegial sessions, there’s no speakers.  The inclusive format draws on the collective experience of all present to collate deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations

When, where, timings

25th March 2020

CentrEd, ExCeL, London E16 1XL – rooms 7, 8, 9, & 10

08:30am to 5pm


CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CHROs, and Group Property Directors from the world’s leading companies.


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Summit Speakers

Ashok Vaswani



Ian Harnett

Executive Director, HR and Procurement

Jaguar Land Rover

David Landsman

Executive Director


Deborah Lee

Chief People Officer

YOOX Net-a-Porter

Sarah Flannigan


EDF Energy

Intimate afternoon round table sessions

​The afternoon features four intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1
Understanding productivity – According to ONS, UK productivity is down 19% over the last decade. This provokes 4 questions – why is productivity down – what can we learn from each other – what needs to change – how to manage the changes? Simply, what are the positive steps going forward?
Round table 2
Owning mindset change – Consider, if women took part in UK economy as much as men, it would add £600 billion GDP by 2025, equal to 0.7% extra GDP growth. This mindset change needs a new co-creating leadership style. Co-creative leadership drives the conditions for successful work performance. How can leaders become “co-creative?”
Round table 3
Workplace Sustainability – Digital technology is helping companies sweep barriers aside. Sustainability platforms capture all types of data, from energy and social value and apps help engage employees, measure team performance and maximise workspace utilisation.
Round table 4
Workplace Evolutionaries are a coalescing of thought leaders & disruptive thinkers in the workplace arena to identify a higher strategic value from work. The community is formed of emboldened individuals to shape a formula for improved work interaction and integration. If you consider yourself a disruptive thinker or innovator in the workplace field, then join our community.

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