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Wednesday 3rd June 2020 Smartworking Summit

When asked to define the capabilities of a healthy person, Sigmund Freud responded “To work and to love.”  Although many of his theses have not held up to scrutiny, Freud’s identification of an intimate connection between work and mental health is consistent with today’s current research, including that of our own.  Certainly, the historical record identifies paid employment as a central aspect of human experience throughout the development of civilisation.  Moreover, the absence of paid employment has been linked to deleterious consequences for individuals and society since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

In the early decades of the 21st Century, there has been a significant focus on health, especially mental health in the workplace and its impact on productivity.  Our recent study found that occupational stress is one of the top 10 causes of workplace death.

Developing healthy workplaces has become a crucial factor for all organisations and involves all business siloes – HR, IT, real estate, and management cultures – but what does it mean?

In our summer 2020 Smartworking Summit, we will explore three interrelated healthy workplace goals.

  1. To define what is meant by a “healthy workplace,” and we delineate the ways in which work is associated with mental health.  Work is both a causal factor in mental and physical ill-health as well as a potential health resource that both may protect us and assist in our recovery from psychological ill-health.
  2. We will hear from individual organisations about enormous economic and social costs when we have unhealthy workplaces.
  3. We offer a framework for a healthy workplace model to help summarise the opportunities.  We will emphasise that these goals are highly compatible with organisations’ traditional focus on enhancing productivity and profitability.

Underpinning our Summit programme is our latest ground- research report, titled “Creating Healthy Workplaces”.  Drawing on our study of 2,500 organisations, this research provided the first seminal insights into creating truly healthy and productive workplaces.


  1. .Everyone who registers for our June Summit prior to the 30th April 2020 will receive a 50% discount.  Register directly with Sally Smithson.
  2. All who register for our 3rd June Smartworking Summit will receive a free copy of our “Creating Healthy Workplaces” – a seminal study of 2,500 organisations exploring the links between workplace health and productivity.  Request your report from Sally Smithson.

Summit Speakers

Steven Boyd

Chief Executive

Government Property Agency

Dean Seddon

Managing Director


Richard Chaplin

Chief Executive

Managing Partners Forum

Rory Gray

Vice President UK,Ireland & Nordics

UI Path

Martin Sellar

Programme Director

Government Property Agengy

John Blackwell

Managing Director


Intimate afternoon round table sessions

​The afternoon features two intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1
- According to ONS, UK productivity is down 19% over the last decade. This provokes 4 questions; 1. Why is productivity down, 2. What can we learn from each other, 3. What needs to change, 4. How to manage the changes? Simply, what are the positive steps going forward?
Round table 2
How many times – at work or in life – is there something you really want to do…, but then you don’t do it? Do you stop to wonder why? Or do you settle for a short-term excuse or explanation? When we can focus on opportunity, doors open – but when we focus on threats, we become obsessed with barriers. A culture of “we’ve always done it like this” is hard to shake off, particularly if people in high places helped establish it. But it’s time to challenge this. Disruptive businesses don’t have one Eureka moment and then put their feet up. They keep going. They challenge conventions. .DisruptHR, is a celebration of new ideas and inspiration.

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The four leading professional bodies, BIFM, CIPD, IFMA, and RICS are advocating the Smartworking Summits to their combined 300,000+ members. Plus, we are supporting the inauguration of the UK Workplace Evolutionaries Community.

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