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Workplace Evolutionaries launch at 28 September Smartworking Summit

The Workplace Evolutionaries programme launches at the 28th September Smartworking Summit

Work has become an increasingly complex world of interacting factors, many organisational and others, human.  However, there is a growing frustration within thought-leaders in a number of these silos that there is no integrating force which pulls together contributors into an interactive, integrated, effort to make a positive contribution to a commonly-shared vision of improvement.
That’s what this is all about!
For years we have complained at how rarely IT, HR and the physical space solutions were integrated.  Separate goals, budgets and visions of success, and even different ‘languages’ have served to prevent a coalescence of effort which has stifled creativity and produced disappointing outcomes.
But this is about more than space, technology and HR.  The boldness of our vision imagines a coming together of everything from the CEO to the janitor.
How do we plan to do this?
Workplace Evolutionaries is the coalescing of thought leaders and disruptive thinkers in the widest workplace arena under the umbrella of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), both of whom have clearly articulated a thirst for moving into a higher strategic, even transformational, value.
Our goal is to find emboldened individuals from these ‘connected’ disciplines and between them design a formula for improved work interaction and integration.
At the launch we are working with the leading purveyors of disruptive thought leaders who have proven to be energetic in researching and testing new paradigms of work and integrating the disparate factions to evolve a 21st Century work foundation.

Over the next 12 months, the Workplace Evolutionaries community will:

  • Surface examples of the work that pioneers in this field have been doing,
  • Develop a regular cadence of meetings and communications,
  • Share progress at Global industry summits.
The launch event.
The Workplace Evolutionaries is being launched at our 28th September Smartworking Summit where the inaugural community will comprise of interested parties from a wide variety of disciplines far beyond just physical workplace.  The Workplace Evolutionaries will host world-class thinkers from a diverse set of backgrounds to continually explore the broadest boundaries of the ‘work platform’ and progressively enhance the productivity envelope of work practices.
We expect this diversity to progressively include disciplines as functionally and culturally varied as anthropologists, artificial intelligence and robotics professionals, CEOs, CFOs, data analysts, futurists, hospitality czars, neuroscientists, occupational psychologists and many more…  This is going to be a fascinating ride!
We hope you will join us at the 28th September Smartworking Summit in London where we will begin this conversation.

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