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Time for genuine diversity

This report (download here) debunks the myths that swirl around gender, ethnic, age, and neuro diversity and inclusion.  It has pivotal data gathered of 17 years from up to 4,500 organisations spanning 90 countries about gender. ethnic, BAME, and neurodiversity workforce trends.

Among the key findings are;

  • Over the next decade, there are going to be circa 13.5 million jobs going to be advertised but less than 7 million people leaving schools and universities,
  • Corporate leaders increasingly accept the business imperative for diversity and inclusion, but most wonder how to make it work for their firms and support their growth and value creation goals,
  • If women equally participated in the global economy, they could generate additional GDP worth £28 trillion by 2025.  That amount is roughly equivalent to the size of the Chinese and US economies combined,
  • 85% of companies track female representation at each level however less than half say they hold senior managers accountable for improving gender metrics, and fewer still set targets of any description,
  • There are circa 300,000 people in the UK on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and not currently working.  Easily 10% or 30,000 want to work and are perfectly capable of working,
  • We’re all somewhere on the neurodiversity spectrum,
  • A ten-strong team on the neurodiversity spectrum identified over £400 million of fraudulent transactions in a year that had previously gone unseen,
  • To be neurodiverse, smart firms should strive to develop a language and acceptance of neuro-difference, to celebrate and leverage neurodiverse strengths while taking steps to accommodate – but not belittle – any specific challenges that an individual may face,
  • Things may be set to change by default if we consider how the digital revolution has the potential to reshape utterly our familiar notions of work, production and value – and with it, our definitions of human competence.

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