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Précis of 8th June 2016 Smartworking Summit

The 8th June 2016 Smartworking Summit delivered pioneering approaches towards tackling some of today's most critical business challenges.

Download the précis of the day here.

The full-day programme at the stunning 200 Aldersgate, London venue, offered peerless opportunities throughout the morning to network with seven prominent executive speakers, including;

  • Greg Searle MBE, Triple Olympic champion and Gold medal winner
  • Simon Hay, CEO, Dunnhumby
  • Richard Bandell, CEO, GRG
  • Cheryl Kennedy, Director of Digital Services, Barclaycard
  • Josefin Holmberg, Director Transform. Thomson Reuters
  • Johnny Dunford, Director of CRE, BNP Paribas
  • Richard Copley, Head of Transformation, DWF llp

The afternoon followed with a deeper dive into business critical issues through six intimate round table sessions.  Attracting 250 c-suite executives keen to explore workplace challenges and address the rapidly changing nature of work, everyone left with distinct and clear takeaways.

Key themes were;

  1. Faced with the unrelenting changing nature of work, culture is key to a successful business, it’s more important than strategy
  2. Motivation at work and tapping into individuals’ intrinsic motivators is key to attracting and retaining talent
  3. Creating productive workspaces demands identifying the ‘right’ performance metrics across a wide spectrum of factors including light, noise, well-being, personal respect, happiness, work settings, choice, management, disruption, trust, et al
  4. Linking quality of life to sustainability presents an opportunity to design company values into the workplace
  5. Focus the ‘Facilities Experience’ on improving an organisation’s value proposition,
  6. Safeguarding business from over-sharing employees by balancing the way people get work done productively while managing risk effectively.

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