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When will the pandemic end – know thy enemy


The media is awash with self-appointed ‘experts’ all too willing to offer their opinion about when (or if) the pandemic might end and what the evolving new normal workplace may look like. This report looks at the facts and scientific data behind the truth


Before listening to the soothsayers and crystal ball gazers, it must be recognised that, under normal circumstances, the workplace is a hugely complex environment that depends on alignment and interdependence between disparate bedfellows of HR, IT, and Real Estate. These functions traditionally have divergent budgets, timelines, objectives and KPI’s.

Over the last eighteen months, whatever equilibrium existed between these functions has been completely thrown up in the air. Coupled to this, there are a surprising number of additional challenges that need to come together before anyone can genuinely say that a new normal might be achieved.
Clearly, this needs decisions based on data and not opinion.

Organisations need to face the reality of ‘will their staff be willing to face the hurdles of a commute?’, and ‘can workspaces be satisfactory be (re)configured to instil confidence and safety in their workforces?’

Against this volatile backdrop, we curated the leading global scholarly scientific thinking on where we are with the pandemic battle and what the possible trajectories might be?

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