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Post Pandemic – a study into forward strategies


Today, much of the world is intensely focused on the pandemic. But what is needed to get people back into the workplace? A seminal study drawing on expert views and a large research study


To date globally there have been over 107 million cases of COVID-19 reported and approximately 2.5 million deaths. What is needed to get people to confidently return to the workplace?
In the short term, public-health measures (i.e., vaccines) can help control the pandemic, but even when herd immunity is achieved, managing the risk of COVID19 will require careful monitoring.

We sought diverse expert views’ from Melinda Gates, Stewart Butterfield: CEO Slack, Elisabeth Reynolds: Executive Director, Work of the Future, MIT, Indranil Roy: Executive Director Deloitte Consulting, Diane Coyle: University of Cambridge, Eric S Yuan: CEO Zoom, Robin Dunbar: University of Oxford, Reetika Khera: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Karin Kimbrough: Chief Economist LinkedIn, Karen Mills: Harvard Business School, Chinmay Tumbe: Indian Institute of Management, Sir Cary Cooper: Manchester University, and more.
We merged the expert views with a comprehensive study spanning over 12,500 people to create a seminar study into employee expectations when emerging from the pandemic.
• How is Covid-19 reshaping our world – potentially, forever?
• The greatest challenge is what happens to the 60% of workers who cannot work from home.
• Four tested factors most associated with employee inclusion
­ - Diverse, inclusive leadership
­ - Meritocracy and initiatives to increase fairness in performance evaluations
­ - Sponsorship
­ - Substantive access to senior leaders
• Post COVID-19 actions
• Existing operating models are no longer applicable
• Compelling reasons to engage – an existential crisis
• Effective action saved many – others spiralled downward
• The purpose of the office
• Flexible working and the workplace
• Adopt inclusive behaviours

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