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Founded in 2002 we are an independent consultancy devoid of any preconceived agenda. We are a global organisation, headquartered in the UK, with operations in North America based in Seattle and Pacific Rim based in Sydney.

Organisations need to face the realities such as "will their staff be willing to face the hurdles of a commute?", "can workspaces be satisfactory be (re)configured to instil confidence and safety in their workforces?", and more.

Our forte is transforming work practices and workplaces to a new business normality. We employ Quora’s unique AI based Work Excellence Platform® to focus on improving diversity, inclusion, productivity and controlling costs.

Our team each have direct experience of transforming business performance with their prior organisations including: ARM Holdings, BG Group, BMW, BOC, Citi, Dentons, GEC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, MCI, Pearson Group, Unilever, and Virgin Group.

Through our long-term commitment to a network of six leading universities, we have a symbiotic relationship where they co-develop our analytics and metrics into our machine-learning based Workplace Excellence Platform® and we provide them with insights derived from the corporate coal-face to steer their research.

Our operations fall into three areas:

  • Consulting with leading organisations to help frontline leaders focus their limited resources on critical workplace transformation.
  • Committed to thought-leadership research into work ecosystems – publishing 8-10 compelling per year, to-date we have released over 130 titles. Alongside our generic publications, we create bespoke research for organisations including: BBC, Boing, Cisco, HM Revenue & Customs, Jaguar Land Rover, Microsoft, Mitie, Regus, Unilever, Vodafone, and many more.
  • We are noted for staging award winning three Smartworking Summits per year with the previous prestigious venues replaced for 2021 by pandemic-appropriate virtual events. Each year, our Summits attract 750+ senior executives to hear ‘unplugged’ industry leaders openly debating the changing nature of work.

The bottom line is we provide organisations with the clarity to ensure optimal investments are made in transforming productivity and ensure they avoid solving the wrong problem really well.

Our vision

Times are uncertain and changing is beyond question – and whenever there’s change, there comes huge pressure on business leaders to get it right, and to do so first time.

Business leaders can no longer make decisions based on ‘gut reaction’, ‘past experience’, and ‘best guess’ – second chances do not come along today.
At Quora, we passionately believe in supporting our clients on a journey of achievable transformation, something that we commonly find business leaders struggle to grasp.

Ours is a simultaneous head, heart, and hands voyage driven by Quora’s Work Excellence Platform™ that takes organisations to new work futures that are not necessarily defined today. Along the way, we create a far more engaged, happier, and productive workforce. And in turn, this enthusiasm enhances attraction, recruitment and retention of the very best and brightest talent.

Our aim is to continually inform clients, to help focus their limited resources, prioritise their workplace investments, and ultimately avoid solving the wrong problem really well.

Our Credentials

Our clients truly span all sizes and every industry, from public to private sector, from automotive to charity, from financial to pharmaceutical, from law firm to rail firm, from mobile telco to medical, from underwriters to utilities, from global corporate to start-up.

Here’s just a few of the better-known names that we have collaborated with and provided successful future solutions.

Quora raises the bar across the entire company, enabling us to have clarity of focus on what was needed and, in doing so, uplifted the performance of the entire organisation to new levels. With Quora’s help, we substantially increase operational diversity and inclusion, output per head, markedly lift profitability, but most exceptionally, strikingly reduce project time.
Group HR Director, Jaguar Land Rover
Is it surprising that 75% of the hard won newly hired top talent leave within the first 2 years, or that two-thirds of employees regard their workplaces as poorly optimised for productive work!
Group HR Director, Leap London

Our Partners

By assimilating their KPIs, metrics and content into Quora’s Work Excellence Platform® repositories, our partners are making visible their distinct performance advantages.

Organisations that are adopting the Quora’s Work Excellence Platform® can instantly tap into their wide range of advanced solutions for changing their work practices and workplace in real-time.

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Smartworking Summits

Our award-winning Summits occupy a truly unique position in offering PowerPoint-free and vendor-free access to unplugged industry leaders spanning all board functions.

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Work Excellence Platform®

It’s now time to enter the new world of Quora’s Work Excellence Platform®. This cloud-based capability delivers work change scenarios in real time.

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