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Quora helps mid-large size organisations achieve high performance work practices and workplaces which deliver improved productivity, optimised costs, and stronger employee engagement.

Project time decreased by 20%

Increased productive output by 30%

Significantly reduced staff churn

Double your profitability with our work

Analytic-driven consulting

We are a global firm, headquartered in the UK, with North American operations based in Seattle and Pacific Rim operations based in Sydney.

Our forte is transforming work practices and workplaces to focus on improving productivity and controlling costs.

Within 3 to 4 weeks, drawing on our unique Work Excellence Platform®, an analytics-driven cloud based capability coupled with our unparalleled research, we provide business leaders with risk-mitigated decision clarity to ensure effective investments are made to address challenges like:

  • Attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent
  • Optimising workspace configuration
  • Deploying technology innovations
  • Enhancing employee productivity
  • Making fluent social, ethical and environmental decisions

By modelling complex work settings and delivering decisive actions for optimising productivity and costs to a Net Present Value level, we help you avoid solving the wrong problem really well!

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Our award-winning Summits occupy a truly unique position in offering PowerPoint-free and vendor-free access to unplugged industry leaders spanning all board functions.

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Releasing 8-10 new reports/year, and with a library of over 100 publications available to-date, we are without doubt the world’s most prolific authority in the field of work practice change.

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